Find Your Greater Richmond Area Dream Home!

Find Your Greater Richmond Area Dream Home!

Small & Associates has been helping people like you buy and sell real estate in Richmond, Virginia for nearly 30 years. We are here to help you have a smooth transaction – whether buying a new home, selling an existing property or relocating into the area. Our goal is to provide you with the best real estate services available in the Richmond area. We specialize in serving the central Richmond area and have a great deal of expertise in closer in, older areas of Richmond. You will see our signs all over The Fan, The Museum District, Church Hill, Jackson Ward, Northside and Just south of the River in Westover Hills, Woodland Heights and Forest Hill areas.

We have the knowledge and experience needed to deal with the older properties in these historic neighborhoods. We are all about Richmond, its neighborhoods, and its unique houses.

You will be working with a small, tight-knit company that excels at providing an elevated level of service that is extremely personal and tailored to a buyer or sellers’ needs. The firm’s partnership with Leverage Global Partners gives us an international network with similar companies like ours, devoted to agile marketing strategies that benefit clients, whether they are buying and selling in their local market or headed as far as the other side of the world.


He suggested repainting some rooms in modern colors, bringing in modern furniture to replace our antiques and adding a large island to the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s hard to hear somebody critique your house, but we agreed because it would open the house to buyers we would not have gotten otherwise. Shaunna and Brad agreed to the plan. They settled on an asking price, too: $570,000. Then, after Chris inspected his team’s improvements and alterations, he suggested that Shaunna and Brad do something unexpected: raise their asking price to $599,950. We got the first offer seven days after we listed it. It was three percent below our asking price. Then, the next day, we got an offer for $600,000.
Shaunna and Brad