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    Daphne Page

    O: 804.353.1250 ext. 134

    I love Richmond and have lived in several different parts of the city since 1989. I am currently living in The Fan and every day I appreciate what this City has to offer in terms of walkability, cultural events and the general temperate beauty of central Virginia.
    You may like living in the city or prefer living further out in one of the more residential areas. There are as many different homes as there are people and sometimes people's needs and preferences change. When you find it is time for you to change house, you can count on me to help with the details of the real estate transition process. I'll offer insight and guidance on the finer points of the contract as well as strategies for achieving a successful outcome.
    To begin your adventure, scroll to the top of this page, choose "Sell Your Home" or "Buy a Home", or both! depending on your interest. The "Sell Your Home" tab gives you an automated estimate of your home's value based on recent sales, however it cannot know what makes your home unique, or what its potential could be with good marketing.
    The "Buy a Home" tab gives you the option to search the current and complete database of all listed homes available in Richmond as well as in greater Virginia. In the search function, after a brief browsing, you will be prompted to register with me to get access to all the photos. Please feel free to do this. I'm not going to bombard your inbox with emails. The registration asks basic questions about your time frame for buying or your interest in browsing. That will alert me to if you would like immediate support, or less if you are in a more long-term planning frame of mind. Your answers will unlock the photos and help me support you best, keeping you informed of properties by email if appropriate or not, if you indicate that. And if you are ready to buy, let's go get that house!
    Whatever your interest, buying or selling, you may also contact me directly to discuss your goals.

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    Daphne Page
    Small & Associates, Inc. Real Estate
    3103 Ellwood Ave
    Richmond VA 23221

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