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    Daphne Page

    O: 804.353.1250 ext. 134

    I am very familiar with Richmond and have lived in many of the neighborhoods since 1989 including the Fan, Church Hill, Carytown, and the Museum District. I am currently living in Fan West in an historic, original pocket door home, taking on one improvement project at a time while my daughter is away at university in France. These beautiful houses are fascinating to me and I love to attend the Mother's Day House and Garden Tours hosted by the Museum District Association. I have already owned and sold several of my own homes and each involved extensive work, so I am well aware of the importance of good options and choices in renovation, their consequences and costs. Reviewing other people’s work and always gathering information is an ongoing interest. Being inspired by good interior design is just the happy glitter on top!

    There are so many lovely things about living in this city: the museums, the parks, the Boulevards, and so many charming porches. On weekend nights in good weather, I enjoy walking in my neighborhood and am often charmed to hear so many different kinds of music coming from these porches as people gather to enjoy the evening. And if that isn’t enough there are also the occasional yard sales with their exciting one of a kind finds, providing yet another chance to chat with my fabulous neighbors!

    Whether you prefer living in the busy city or would like one of the quieter areas further out, you can contact me directly or go to my webpage and begin your search for your next perfect home. My website contains the most current information on all the property listings in Central Virginia. You will be prompted to register and in that connection I will ask you whether you would like immediate support or less contact if you are in more of a long-term frame of mind. This information will help me support you best, keeping you informed and your email box properly filled. If you would like to list for sale your current property, contact me to schedule a consultation on how we might achieve the highest and best outcome for you.

    I recently joined the excellent brokerage, Small & Associates, located in Carytown, because of their decades of experience and success in this area, their superior marketing skills, their eye for architecture and beauty, their generous mentorship and their likable, competent, and diverse team. I look forward to putting to use everything I have learned since joining and am confident that my eagerness to prove myself will have the full support of my mentors at Small & Associates and my results will continue to strengthen their position as the best choice for a brokerage in Richmond. Most of all I am excited to meet new buyers and sellers and get transactions to their desired close. I have the nuts and bolts of the agent’s work squared away and I look forward to the unique challenges and strategies that working hard for you will bring!

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    Daphne Page
    Estate Agent
    Small & Associates, Inc. Real Estate
    3103 Ellwood Ave
    Richmond, VA 23221
    Phone: 804.353.1250 ext. 134

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