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Amazon’s Augmented Reality Capability

The online retailer just made it even easier to envision furniture in your existing space before you buy.

Gone are the days of simply imaging how a couch, lamp, wall hanging, or rug might look in your space; now you can actually test it out before you decide to buy. Earlier today Amazon announced the expansion of their AR view feature to include all Android devices, making it that much easier to shop for your home. The feature has been available on Apple devices since November, but the expansion to include Android-powered devices is a huge move for the online retailer.

To activate the augmented reality feature, users simply open the app, tap the camera button, and choose AR view. There are over 15,000 home furnishings available to test out with this feature, from larger items like rugs, beds, and couches to kitchen devices, lamps, decorative objects, and everything in between. The ability to superimpose items onto existing living spaces and rotate them for a 360-degree view is a game changer for the home space, removing the guesswork of how an item may match existing decor and eliminating the pain of measuring. Though Amazon isn’t the first retailer to adopt AR, they’re certainly the biggest, and their use of the technology is likely a sign that more companies will look into its vast possibilities.

Check out a video on it here – Amazon AR View Feature

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