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Looking ahead into the coming months with the Real Estate Market

Looking ahead into the coming months with the Real Estate Market

Broker/Owner Chris Small gives a glimpse of what is going on and potentially what to expect in the coming months. Spoiler alert… It’s going to be ok!

Is it time to jump yet? Maybe into your pool… but not off the ledge!

For the past six weeks I have been asked so many times about the state of the market. Market is shifting, recession fears, bubble bursting, etc.  The media does have a way of making everything seem so negative. It is true that markets do shift, things change, interest rates go up (and come down), but I’m not seeing 2008 coming back to us… at least not now. Please try to balance the negative news with some practical advice. Remember to keep in mind that it is the middle of summer. Things in River City, Virginia, and anywhere in the northern hemisphere for that matter, are always slower. It is hot, it is humid and people have stuff to do that diverts their attention. Frequently I joke that I could leave July 1st and return after Labor Day and no one would really know I was gone. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my own “hot” trip to Europe because of some pesky surgery I wanted to get behind me. 

In other news, here is some positive reinforcement about the reality of the real estate market: 2022 has been a GREAT year. Last year was proclaimed the “best year ever for real estate” and by all accounts this year is even better if you live in or around Richmond. Inventory is still almost non-existent and prices are still strong. Click here to take a look at my most recent market update from last week! My firm and I have been busy getting organized for the post Labor Day “back to school / back to work / time to focus”  time that is just ahead for all of us and we are excited! I love Fall and have found that it is one of the most productive times of the year. Our 4th quarter is almost always our strongest. Recently, I  became the first Richmond member of REALM Global. This is a new “by invitation only”  international group of accomplished Luxury agents. I can already tell that interaction with this amazing group is going to help me refine my game and keep me current with the most effective trends in real estate so I can do an even better job for you. I also got a new professional designation – a CIPS (…more on this later.) On top of all of that, we are working on grooming and staging some great new listings that will be coming up after Labor Day. Click here to take a look at my newest listing that simply could not wait until September. Showings start this week!

If you or anyone you know needs help navigating the market, don’t hesitate to contact me. Its been my experience that people tend to worry about things longer than they should before they ask for input.  If you have a concern about how you may be affected by what is going on in the real estate world, please get in touch. I am happy to take a closer look at your unique situation and provide some guidance.

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