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The Benefits of Working with a Small & Associates Realtor® When Listing Your Home

The Benefits of Working with a Small & Associates Realtor® When Listing Your Home

If you’ve been watching the Real Estate market, it’s very likely you know that it’s been white hot over the past couple of years and especially within the last 12-15 months. Sellers have not only been receiving multiple offers and top dollar for their homes, but in many cases, eager buyers have been submitting offers that include no contingencies (ie. no inspection, no appraisal, etc.) and for well above the asking price. 

If you’re a seller, or considering selling your home, you may be thinking, “why even bother using a Realtor®? I can just sell it myself!” While this may be true, there are many factors to keep in mind when listing your house, and many can leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. In fact, we would argue why having a licensed Realtor® in your corner is so important, now more than ever.

There’s no question that the market has been extremely competitive and houses have been selling very quickly. But why should you have a Realtor® represent you in the sale of your home?

Overview of importance

Selling a home is a very time-consuming and detail-oriented process. This includes everything from conducting market research and knowing how to price your home correctly, to negotiating the winning offer, and even having the right legal documents that cover every aspect and detail of the sale. Having a Realtor® who has the dedicated time, knowledge, and resources of how to navigate a transaction will be crucial to ensure the sale goes smoothly. 

Prepping Your Home For Market

While this step may sound easy, there are quite a few things to consider in getting your home ready for the open market. 

-Is my house too cluttered to show?

-What personal things can stay and what should be stored?

-Does my house give a good first impression?

-What indoor and outdoor areas need sprucing up?

-Where should I invest money to get the best return?

-Should I use a professional stager?

These are all great questions and even more can come up during the prep stage. Some tasks are pretty easy to figure out when it comes to getting your house “show ready”, but others require the right expertise. A skilled Realtor® can advise you in the right areas, and most importantly, where to invest your hard earned money. As real estate professionals, it’s our job to study the market, various trends and classics in design, and to know what to do when it comes to prepping your home so it shows in the best light and brings buyers to the table.

Our agents at Small & Associates have the right team of contacts that we know and trust, to help get your ready to list. Rest assured that if there is an issue that needs addressing, we have the right people for the job.

Pricing Your Home Correctly

This is perhaps the most crucial step in getting your home ready and attracting solid buyers. Without proper market research, there’s a good chance that the property may be priced incorrectly. Price it too high and your home may sit on the market until an inevitable price drop, or a buyer submits an offer that is much lower than you were hoping for. Price it too low and you may be cheating yourself out of getting top dollar for your house. At the end of the day, your Realtor® will go with the price you are most comfortable with, but after studying market comps, you can bet that your Realtor® will be advising you with the right list price that hits the sweet spot – not too low and not too high. 

At Small & Associates, we pride ourselves on our thoroughness when it comes to studying the market. We are confident in our research and strategies to ensure your house is priced just right.

Efficacious Marketing to Maximize Your Buyer Pool and Profit

If you are considering representing yourself in the sale of your home, it is crucial to consider how you will market to potential buyers. The short answer: most FSBOs (For Sale By Owners) don’t have the same resources as real estate professionals and may end up netting less profit because they aren’t reaching the most qualified buyers. In other words, a Realtor® can get your home in front of a much larger audience through social media, dozens of various websites, and other agency resources and sales strategies that the owner may not consider or know about. The higher the audience reach, the more likely you are to not only receive offers, but there is even potential for a bidding war. 

Our firm is proud to say that we work to stay on top of the latest social media trends and study what makes our advertising the most effective. We are also a partner with Leverage, a global network that reaches a worldwide audience through major publications and their own in-house marketing and social media.

Navigating Negotiations

If you intend to sell your house as FSBO, and the buyer does not waive contingencies, you will be responsible for handling all the negotiations. Here are just a few of the people you will be in contact with during the transaction:

-If you hold an open house, you may meet the buyer who will have questions about the home and will want to get the best deal possible

-The buyer’s agent, who will use their knowledge and skill to advocate for the buyer

-The inspector, who ultimately works for the buyer and almost always finds concerns with the house that range from mild to critical

-The appraiser, who assesses the value of your home and who protects the lender

As real estate agents, we learn how to navigate any problem that may arise. At Small & Associates, we work with other professionals in the industry to find solutions, we are here to advise and help deal with emotions and frustrations, and even ask for second opinions if we think something isn’t right. In other words, working through a real estate transaction takes a lot of attention and time – time you may not be able to spare. 

Reading the Fine Print

One huge advantage of having a Realtor® represent you is their access to legal documentation including  contract, disclosure, and addendum templates that we are able to provide and fill out quickly. There are certain disclosure forms that are mandatory which means you, as the seller, would need to provide and keep track of these documents if you are representing yourself. It can also be a challenge to go through all the fine print and know exactly what you are reading. 

Our Realtors® will go through each section of the contract with you and explain all the terms and requirements. We also have access to a digital platform that makes the signing process easy and orderly for all parties. Instead of having to experience this hassle, use a Small & Associates Realtor® so you can avoid any legal problems throughout the transaction and potentially down the road.

The Bottom Line

Listing a home is a time consuming and sometimes difficult process. A lot of responsibility is put on the seller if they are not represented by a real estate professional. In fact, the number of FSBOs has decreased from 19% to 8%, nearly the lowest number recorded since 1981. And it’s easy to see why! There is a lot to consider and juggle when selling a house, so wouldn’t you want to have an expert handle everything for you?

If you are in the market to sell, contact one of our fantastic Estate Agents. Now is an incredible time to list your home and we are here to help make it happen and get it SOLD!


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